A fullbody of slug by Poryeron art by Poryeron

hi, it's nice to meet you. most people know me as min. i'm a little shy and don't really talk about myself much...
i'm a freelancing artist & coder who likes to make characters and then code things for them. i used to go to college for creative writing, but i don't write that much anymore.
the site's name, dalbaeyi (달배이), means "snail" in the jeju language.

names sungmin, ryouta, cedric
age mid-20s
pronouns they/them, it/its
hobbies gardening, webdev, tattooing
some likes
  • slugs, other gastropods
  • surrealism
  • folklore, folktales
  • staying in bed
some dislikes
  • most air freshener smells
  • grapefruits
  • denim texture
  • thick lotions
A pixel of slug and rwn together by guccipet
i love my boyfriend grant :)
art by guccipet
this site first went live on august 5th, 2023.